Who Am I?



The islander’s closet is yet another blog about a girl, what she thinks and what she wears.  Nothing extraordinary there you’re probably thinking, and yes I will admit I’m a pretty regular late twenty something living in London. I like fashion, travelling, eating cheese, I watch too many TV shows and my most used personal therapy is to paint my nails about 3x a week. I guess that puts me in the ‘very typical’ bracket. But I’m okay with that.

Now what’s also different about me? I come from a French tropical island in the middle of the Indian Ocean called Reunion Island. It’s a small paradise which has everything a tropical island could dream of: beaches, volcano, palm trees, waterfall. It’s the most beautiful place on Earth and I’m not even saying that because I grew up there. That means two things: one, french is my first language but I have been living in England for a few years and two, I am a sucker for anything remotely tropical related as it just reminds me of home. I am lucky enough that I get to go home every year to see my parents and if I could go find a fulfilling job there I would but for now I’m happy living abroad, embracing a new culture and taking each day as a new adventure.

I hope you enjoy scrolling & reading, and if you don’t want to be a stranger you can leave comments on here or follow me on my social media, all linked on the blog, let’s chat !