ASTURIAS trip #1 One day in Llanes

Hola & buenos dias!

That’s about if for my knowledge of Spanish. Ok that’s a lie I can order food and a coffee too because you got to know what your priorities are in life and “un pan con tomate y jamon por favor” will get you to many (delicious) places.

That being said, it didn’t stop me venturing out to Asturias for the bank holiday weekend, a region on the northern coast of Spain mostly to visit my lovely friend Sara, one of my closest friend 100% Asturian who was indeed the best guide, but also because after visiting last year her last year, something in my heart told me I should go back. There is something quite magical about northern Spain, and Asturias feels a bit of a best kept secret, with not many tourists risking the potentially fickle weather (it can rain a bit and it gets cold in winter) when they can go straight to the south and bake all day (and night) in the scorching sun of Malaga.

Well let me tell you, more fool them, and this is why I am here to tell you that next time you consider Spain, you should definitely put Asturias on your bucket list. Sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean and the mountains, I found that the landscapes were giving me everything I could have wanted, from beautiful beaches and cliff to snowy mountain  tops and lakes. You walk around, hearing cows and waves crashing, something I definitely didn’t experience very often elsewhere. As said before, this was my second time visiting, and the first in nice weather which is why Sara and I had set ourselves to go explore Llanes, a little town by the seaside surrounded by many beaches (apparently more than 30 in total!).

To do so, we met with Sara’s friend John whose family has lived in Llanes for a long time. He indeed was the best person to show us around, from the best bar to the best view overlooking the ocean I must thank you again for a great day!

View of Llanes harbour
View of Llanes harbour
Near the light house, Llanes, Asturias
Typical  building in the city centre, Llanes
Typical building in the city centre, Llanes
By the light house, Llanes
OOT for a day exploring Llanes

Llanes in itself is a very cute coastal town, with several views overlooking the ocean and lots of little historical looking narrow streets and very colourful buildings. There are plenty of places to stop for a bite to eat either on the main square or by the harbour but the best walk to look at the town is up some stairs towards the Paseo de San Pedro on the left hand side of the Playa del Sablon which is walking distance from the town centre. From there you will be able to see a 360 degree view over Llanes, the ocean and the mountains in the back, something that will be worth your visit.

The main reason why I would recommend visiting Llanes however, is for the amazing scenery surrounding the town. Grab your car and start driving because there are so many wonderful spots overlooking the ocean to either grab a coffee or go for a stroll. Every stop we did I was thinking to myself, this has GOT to be the best spot and then on we went only to find another one…. literally the scenery is insane. 

One of my favourite place to stop was the Mirador de Andrin which gives you a fantastic view over the whole area. Also make sure to stop for a coffee at the Camping La Paz, sitting on top of a cliff. Trust me, despite this being originally a camping spot, this will be one of the  most beautiful places where you will have sipped a latte. 

Outfit of the day-mirador de Andrin
Feeling on top of the world at  the Mirador de Andrin- Llanes, Asturias
View from the Mirador de Andrin
View Mirador de Andrin overlooking beaches around Llanes.
View from the Mirador del Toro- Llanes
View from the Mirador del Toro- Llanes
View from the camping la Paz coffee- Llanes
Best coffee spot ever?

All of this exploring makes a girl hungry, which is why we headed off to Colombres to indulge on Mexican food. Now why eat Mexican when you could be stuffing yourself with chipirones and croquetas you ask me? Well first of all, I made sure I fit a lot of that, don’t you worry. But more importantly, the town of Colombres (a quick drive from Llanes) is well known for its Mexican food due to the amount of families that emigrated from Spain to South America and then came back to live here. Proof of this rich history stands in the middle of the town, with  the museum of Emigration, which replicates the typical architecture of the ‘indianos’ as they are called, who brought back influence from countries such as Mexico, Cuba or Colombia. Go and check out the architecture, which really stands out compared to the spanish style of houses.

We ended up having a delicious Mexican feast at the restaurant “el Mexicano” which serves traditional Mexican food that will make you very happy. Make sure to try the “pastel azteca”, a dish of slow cooked meat and corn and cheese and… to be honest I couldn’t even tell you what’s in it but we all agreed it was our favourite dish !

Museum of Emigration, Colombres
Museum of Emigration, Colombres-Asturias
From where I stand-Colombres


So there you have it, our itinerary of a great day in and around Llanes with my version of the best places we saw. Make sure to take the time to breathe in the ocean air, to look at the waves crashing on the rocks and to take in the sights because after everything, this is what I will remember the most of Asturias generally. How beautiful the nature is and how peaceful I felt after being in quite a turmoil asking myself a lot of questions about my future and what I should be doing with my life. But more on this in another post, I am still trying to put my thoughts into words and for now they feel quite messy.

Finally a big thank you to Sara and John for the adventure. I know for sure great views and experiences are only as great when you share them with people.

Till next time,


Outfit details:

White blazer H&M 

Stars and Lighting bolt teeshirt: Promod (last collection)

Sunglasses: Quay Australia (My Girl design)

Earrings: Claire’s pink tassels

Smiley Ring: Bimba y Lola (last collection).

Trainers:  Stan smith off white

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