Getting back to kicking ass.

If you read one of my latest post Are you re(a)d-y? then you know it took me a while to actually get this year going. Never mind the whole January ‘new year, new me’, I’m starting in March thanks very much.

But now that I am feeling like myself again and ready to crack on, it got me thinking… how do you get yourself out of a rut?

It could be that you feel uninspired with your style at the moment, that you have no motivation at work or simply that you have had enough with this never ending winter and are seriously considering calling off sick for a month so you can finally watch all the 110 TV shows your friends have recommended (let’s be honest, there is just too much to get through).

You are bored of feeling like a deflated balloon left at the end of a birthday party and need some helium back in you (not literally, don’t do drugs kids). Trust me I’m right there with you, which is why I’ve penned below a few tips that help me find motivation again when I need it, hopefully they can help you too.

1. Mood boards are your new best friends  : 

If you are a visual person, Pinterest is your dream come true. Whether you are looking for some travel ideas, a new recipe for meatballs, or a new way to rearrange your room, Pinterest lets you create mood boards on any theme that tickle your fancy so you can get the creative juices flowing. I forgot about mine for a while but now that I have dived into it again I absolutely love it and it has given me lots of new ideas from photography inspiration to things I might want to buy (if you want to check out my boards, head over to : or it is also marked as a page on the home section of the blog). 

2. Open your ears:

 I know I am so late to the party with this one, but I haven’t really explored the world of podcasts until the beginning of this year (don’t hate me). Sure, I heard of them before but I had this misconception of them being about the latest politics/financing debate or 5 parts crime stories that would give me the creeps while I’m trying to get ready for work (Is my neighbour a serial killer? IS HE?).  I was very wrong. Yes there are definitely all of those but there are also podcasts about cooking, fashion, history and pretty much anything that might tickle your fancy. And let me tell you, they make commutes where your train is stuck due to a signal failure nearly sufferable.  My current favourites are: 

  • Revisionist History: This podcast by Malcom Gladwell is a brilliant think piece. He takes us back in time to find historical events that we might have interpreted wrongly and  tries and shine a new light on it, making you think about life issues in the process. I have recommended it to everyone I know already, just do it (Click here ).
  • Keeping it Candid: One made by two bloggers, those girls open up about society topics issues such as diversity amongst the blogging community, the chase of likes on Instagram or the pressure of the healthy diets. Imagine eaves dropping on two mates at a coffee shop, just grab a cup of tea and enjoy (click here).
  • Swipe Left Swipe Left: If you think you are having bad luck in the dating game, wait until you listen to this. The tales of real people unexpected relationship adventures will have you laughing out loud in the middle of the tube and breaking public transport social conduct at the same time (click here).

3. Step outside of your comfort zone:

Let’s shed some truth here… if we are feeling completely uninspired, it is most likely because we are too comfortable. Comfort is the enemy of creativity. Let’s take the example of a style rut. Unless you try something new, you’re going to end up rocking up to work with the same “jeans and a nice top” (yes I hate myself too for using that phrase).

Getting dressed is meant to be fun, outfits should reflect your personality and no clothes is meant to be saved for a special day. This bright pink dress from H&M fills my Carrie Bradshaw tulle dreams and whilst most people might see it as a ‘fancy outfit’ I could not care less what they think.  Yes it is brunch appropriate and yes I will live my best life in it, now you can go back to eating your avocado on toast thank you very much.  I have been known amongst the unlucky friends who have lived with me along the years to wear tiaras or flower crowns around the house whilst still in pyjama, just because I feel like it will help me get inspired. Who is there to stop you? 

If you are suffering from a life rut, the same advice could definitely apply. I was on the phone to my friend the other day who moved recently to the country side for work. She was telling me how it was quite hard to meet people there considering there was no such thing as ‘going out on the town’, and how there was no one at her job that was either not married or old enough to be her granddad. Next thing I knew, she had joined a singing group, had set up an  online dating  profile and was going rock climbing that weekend for her first date with one of the guys she met through it. Now that my friend, is what I call stepping outside of your comfort zone. 

4. Go explore new places

Whether it is just going on a spontaneous day adventure on a Saturday or actually booking a getaway holiday, changing surroundings definitely helps motivate me. If I have a meh day where I am bored out of my mind, I will hop on the train and go to a museum or I will start walking from my house (weather permitting ) and just see how far I go in a direction I’ve never been before. I literally had no idea how close my flat was to the river until I did this one day and discovered a whole riverside bank of cute restaurants (win) plus I definitely got lost and rocketed my steps count that day so double ice cream everyone. One point high on my to do list with one of my friend is to randomly pick a tube station I have never been to on the London map and just go explore what’s there. It might be terrible or it might be amazing but either way I’m sure we will having more fun than if we stayed on the sofa and watched another episode of “Yes to the dress” ( I know guilty pleasure).

So here’s to getting out of the rut, climbing up those boredom walls like the Batman in the prison that you are and kicking ass again. I believe we can do it.

Till next time,


Outfit details:

Coat: Pimkie (old season)

Boots Asos (sold out). Similar ones here: New look boots

Pink dress: H&m dress

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