How to survive winter #1

Buying a new coat at the beginning of the season is part of my ritual of acceptance that winter is coming. With no dragons and no John Snow, there is really no other reason to rejoice at the change of season.

The evenings are getting darker earlier (hello vampire life and trips to Boots to find a foundation that will match my Casper face), the diet goes out the window because suddenly everything sounds better with melted cheese on top,  each mornings are more painful than the previous one  (I am still trying to convince my boss that tropical weather deficiency is a good enough reason to stay in bed) and my motivation to do anything active pretty much goes out the window. Let’s face it, who can be asked to go running in the cold when you  can watch Netflix from the warmth of your flat and not even have to get up to play the next episode. Hands up who else get those Netflix messages after a couple (okay maybe 5) hours asking if you’re ok? Thanks buddy- so sweet of you! 

You will have guessed, winter is not really my thing. And if like me you live in a country like England where you need a coat from October to May, you better make sure you pick one that you will enjoy wearing again and again and again because let’s face it…. winter here is coming and it’s staying.


Enters the hero piece – a perfect classic coat.

This particular gem from Zara ticks all the boxes. I love the caramel tone and the length which keeps me toasty when I am braving bare legs (you have to suffer for fashion they say) or even when I’m wearing tights AND it has wool in it, something my mum always told me to check before making an investment buy that will last you. Here are two outfits I wear on a regular basis featuring this classic yet versatile coat. Call them the Monday look and the Friday look. Both serve different purpose, yet both are as life saving as each other. 

Monday Look: Jeans and a funky shirt are pretty much my uniform when it comes to going to work. Who can be asked to wear something fitted when you know someone is going to scream ‘free donuts on the office table’ at around 11 and you need to be comfortable to run before someone else gets the last one sprinkled with chocolate (it’s a tough life). Add a furry (faux of course) backpack to act as a pillow when you get on the train in the morning because you are still on weekend time, and some colourful sneakers and there you have it, comfort + quirky= Monday outfit in all its glory. 




Friday Look:  You did it, you successfully spent 5 days in the office fake smiling, doing your job, and you didn’t even loose your shit when you overhead someone’s spoiler about the winner of the Great British Bake off while they were doing the tea round. You still have a job, and you didn’t call anyone names, you know what-you deserve a drink! Put on a a glittery skirt to easily go from office to happy hour, black boots because even after 3 mojitos you still can’t be doing with heels and finally some sunglasses because after 5 days of no lie in, no concealer can help you out. 


So there you have it, one coat many opportunities but no matter what life throws at you you know you can always find a friend in the classic coat.



Outfit details:

Camel coat Zara oversized coat

 Monday Look 

Backpack Romy London

Jeans Uniqlo boyfriend jeans

Trainers Stan Smith Adidas

Shirt Zara old collection 

Friday Look 

Black boots M&S Black shoes

Jumper H&M last year. Similar one here:  H&M beige jumper

Glitter skirt Zara last collection 

Sunglasses Quay Australia My Girl

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