Office with a twist

I am not one for uniforms.

How glad I am that in Reunion Island and in France you would never even dream of making kids wear a uniform in school. I understand the practicality of it and every time I see little kids on a day trip rocking their blazers and hats on their way to the museum  I find them adorable.  But I think as a child who liked to wear Carnival costumes at home regardless of it being Mardi Gras or not  it would have been way too constraining. Many photos have survived from those days where fancy dress was in my eye considered appropriate casual wear and my mum being a really talented seamstress the costume world really was my oyster. 




Teenage years made me more self-conscious and aware of what I wore,  so clothes were used to either to hide in the background or to follow some stupid trends which did nothing for me, my figure or my style. Those were definitely years where I lost all my inspiration & love for putting clothes on in the morning and let me tell you it was not a pretty sight (super nerd alert). It was only after going through those awkward years that I got back to having fun with what I wore. Moving to America, then to England was a fresh start which really jolted me into thinking who I wanted to be and what image I wanted to project. If I wanted to make new friends in a country where I didn’t know anyone before moving in, I was going to have to really work on myself to open up and be myself, which included embracing my love for dressing up and finally not be scared of wearing what the F I felt like wearing. 

Now I am a grown up (haha! okay I laughed at that one too) or at least in a ‘grown up age’, there is nothing stopping me anymore to fulfil my dressing up fantasy.  I am very lucky that working in media, pretty much anything goes as long as you are not showing too much flesh and/or look like you’re more ready to go out clubbing than going into a meeting. I am not going to lie, I know I would not last very long in a job where the dress code would be a lot stricter, like those banker types I see coming out of Canary Wharf everyday. However I can’t deny the fact that wearing a good tailored blazer, or a great pair of smart trousers can make you feel the part.

So I decided to give my own twist to the regular office wear.



Start with the trousers, they are the most comfortable pair I have owned in a long time and you cannot go wrong with that checked print which is so trendy for this autumn season. Those are from Uniqlo and they don’t even have a zip but have an elasticated waist meaning all you need to do in the morning is just put them on, and you’re done… the DREAM! I paired it with a white tee-shirt this time but you could make your outfit more smart by wearing them with a more structure white shirt. 

On my shoes, I thought I would go for classic yet modern with those new brogues from Hotter. They are super comfortable as I got them measured for my feet and I love the white sole to give a twist to a normally more plain style. I’m already planning on wearing them with jeans and a chunky jumper at the weekend. 

Now for the more eccentric part of the outfit, which let’s not lie are my favourite parts….This super cosy faux fur coat is the best tool against the cold, and I’ve embraced the fact that it makes me look like a big koala. I LOVE faux fur, so be prepared to be spammed with furry dreams on here (never the real thing though, thanks but no thanks, I love animals). Throw on some reflective purple sunglasses & a cute leather & suede bag for a touch of colour and there you have it, a twist on office wear.  


Smart but comfortable checked trousers & patent black brogues are a match made in heaven.
Oh you know, just leaving my palace ready for a new day…


Always wearing sunglasses extra asf because life is too short for boring sunglasses.




Outfit details:

Faux fur coat: H&M last year. Similar ones here: Missguided grey faux furTopshop grey faux fur coat

Trousers: Uniqlo smart trousers

Bag: Zara

White tee-shirt: Gap tee-shirt  

Shoes: Hotter Patent Brogues

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