The anti social outfit


How do you look put together when you don’t even feel like leaving your house ?

I have to ask myself this question quite regularly. Throw me a big diamante stone for my first world problem, but a problem it is when like me you most often than not lack motivation to even put a bra on.

Yes I love fashion, I love dressing up and every time I put an outfit together it’s like I get to channel the inner kid in me who loved fancy dress. But there are days where I just lack motivation and or inspiration and putting some clothes on that normally make me feel good just make me feel restricted and awkward. Ladies, we know when those days are, I don’t need to spell it out (hello tampons, cramps & mood swings!) and they are usually times where I feel as sociable as a bear woken up from its winter hibernation.

A little touch of orange to add some colour


I don’t think I am alone in this when I say that during those days the last thing on my mind is to look good, as I am more focused on finding something that will not make me feel like a puffer fish.

Seriously just touch me and I will blow up…

 Unfortunately, not having won the lottery yet means I still have to work for a living, which also entails getting dressed, going out in the world and having to interact with other human beings that are not my family or friends. It also means I have to make an effort and look ‘presentable’ when in reality I am dying to eat hummus and crisps out of the packet in my bed, rocking some unicorn pyjama shorts I own since Avril Lavigne was still the big thing.

This is when a little number like this one from Zara comes in very handy. The length and floaty feels makes it perfect to just thrown on and not have to think about a top that would go with a bottom…way too much effort when your ovaries are having a boxing day.  I love the boho feel to it with the embroidered flowers, but the black still keep it easy to wear. Just throw on a pair of heeled black boots, and a little colourful bag to set away from the Morticia look. 

IMG_0578 copy
Checking there aren’t any bugs coming for me
Black boots and boho dress for a sunny autumn day

Finally sunglasses, because even if the sun isn’t shining, sometimes they are very handy to cover up your face when you want to shy away from the world.

So there you have it, an outfit perfect for those days where you feel antisocial. Hide up a balcony, order food to deliver & make the most of that Netflix subscription. 

Unless the apocalypse is upon us, the world will still be there for you to take it tomorrow. 



Outfit details:

Sunglasses:  Dolce & Gabbana last year. Similar style here: Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses

Boots: Office black boots with gold heel

Black dress: Zara embroidered dress

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