Life is a beach

I feel my happiest by the sea side.

I don’t know if it’s the sound of the waves, the smell of the sea breeze or purely the fact that it was fate being called Marine but I am the most content when I am by the ocean. This is something I am realising as I spend more and more time in a big city like London.

For those of you who might not know,  I grew up on a tropical island in the Indian Ocean called Reunion island. I can see the ocean from my parents garden, and the beach is a quick 10 min drive away for them. I know… it’s a hard life. 

Nautical stripes, white boots and a touch of red.
If you squint your eyes you can pretend this is sand

I remember spending most of my teenage years with knotted messy hair tied up in buns because they were always full of salty water. The place to hang out with your friends was the beach, not the local park. My only regret ( and it’s not for many years of my dad trying ) is that I am not a surfer girl. I wish I could surf, I really do but my poor body coordination and general clumsiness meant I was never to reach the golden status of the “surfer chick”. I vividly remember one lesson where I ended up knocking not only myself but two other pupils heads with the surf board purely trying to get into the water and I think that was the moment I gave up.

I have accepted my fate and made my peace with it. I love swimming, I can snorkel, and I can almost paddle ( just not very graciously… think less Gwyneth Paltrow more Quasimodo), that’s good enough for me. 



Unfortunately London doesn’t exactly have a beach to offer.

Don’t get me wrong I make the most of the city river side, going on long walks at lunch time near my work to spot boats and seagulls but nothing that could compare for an ocean lover like me. On a sunny day the water might turn from diseased green to dark let’s-call-it-blue and on those days you can nearly pretend you’re somewhere else.

So every time I can, I escape to the English seaside to recharge my batteries and last weekend I decided to head to Brighton. Now let’s be honest here, the first time I went to Brighton about 5 years ago, I couldn’t help but wonder why they called it a beach. With everything covered in pebbles and no sand to be seen, at the time it felt more like parking lot realness than tropical paradise.

But after all this time I will admit Brighton seaside has grown on me. I still avoid the noisy arcades on the pier and prefer to walk away from the crowds to find a quiet spot to relax. But why would you complain when after an hour train journey from the busy capital you can be sitting on the beach eating fresh mussels looking at the waves rolling. 


Sea sun and the cosiest cover up


And even if this is still a very different experience to what I grew up used to (my Reunion Island memories involve more mango juice, sun screen and bikinis rather than coffee, umbrellas and big coats) it still puts a big smile on my face. 

 So go on, put on your most nautical outfit too and head out to the seaside whenever you can, I promise, you’ll feel better for it. 


Outfit details:

Sunglasses:  Quay Australia

Coat: H&M (last year). Similar one here: New Look coat

Boots: Steve Madden (old collection)

Backpack: Accessorize red backpack

Multicolor sequin earrings: H&M current collection

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