Recycling 101

If you are like me, any excuse is an excuse to go shopping.

Had a bad day? Someone needs cheering up so it’s time for retail therapy. Had a good day? Well done you probably kicked ass, go on treat yourself. Had a day that was neither good nor bad? It won’t hurt to go check what’s out there and see if you can turn this around.

Putting my feet up

Unfortunately this is not only really bad for any kind of savings plans you might have (although as Carrie Bradshaw says, I put my money where I can see it, in my wardrobe), it also means your drawers are soon overflowing with clothes that you might not end up wearing.

So I have been giving myself a new challenge. Try and make as many outfits possible with the same piece of clothing. Not only does this mean I’m trying to be more smart with what I’m buying as I keep this in mind before I furiously hand my card over like I used to, it is also a good way get outside the comfort zone and shake things up a bit. Be gone, fashion blank page days.


Yes I will admit, sometimes it ends up in some very questionable choices, especially if you give yourself this challenge on a morning where you woke up on the wrong side on the bed and still have the pillow map of the tube printed on your face. On those days, go back to your back up outfit (see my previous blog post to read all about it).  But if you are feeling motivated and want to have some fun, just pick something in your wardrobe and try to put it with something you would have never thought of before.

I can never resist shiny things !

Personally I haven’t been stopped in the street yet by anyone who told me to go home and change so until that happens, I’m going to keep pursuing my outfits recycling dreams.

So here I am with this new super versatile top from Zara new collection. When I spotted it in the shops, I knew it had to get it but only if I could make it work different ways.

I’ve made up three outfits there to make the most of my purchase, two with it as a top and one with it as a jacket. I love the fact that the pearl details add something extra to an otherwise pretty regular denim shirt.

With an ethnic skirt and some trainers, this is something I shoved on at the weekend to go enjoy a big latte at my local coffee shop.




I then decided to wear it paired with a shiny silver skirt and some snake print boots for a funky take on office wear. Before anyone says anything, you might need to know that I do not work in a bank (okay, you probably guessed that), so as long as I am not wearing something that would make the Love Island candidates shy, my office is pretty relaxed as to what people can turn up in.


And finally  just worn on top of a little black dress, it felt like the perfect cover up to add a layer without being too bulky to dance around. Tie it around your waist when it gets busy in the bar and pop it back on when your friends are ordering an Uber back home . Okay now Uber is having a harsh time it might have to become pop it back on when you’re waiting for the night bus (if you’re still mourning about this, raise your hand) but hey at least you’re still warm.

A dressy take on the denim shirt

So here we are, three outfits with one item, from casual to more dressy, and even though it doesn’t find a solution to global warming, I think I will keep up this kind of recycling. 

Let me know which look is your favourite in the comments!

Outfit details:

Denim shirt: Zara new collection. Buy here: Shirt with pearls

Snake print boots: Asos old collection. Similar one here: Vero Moda snake print boots

Metallic pleated skirt: Asos. Buy here: Silver skirt 


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