Where did summer go? Wait, did summer actually happen?

Every year since I moved to England I ask myself the same question. Coming from Reunion Island, I grew up with two seasons. Hot and very hot. Safe to say it is a shock to live through an English summer, where most days you still need an umbrella and a jacket.

You would think that after 5 years I would have grown used to this no summer situation but my tropical heart cannot be tamed. I love the sun, palm trees, light dresses & I have to buy anything that has a pineapple or a coconut on it, just because it reminds of  home.



The ultimate tropical dress


As soon as I drop the ‘I grew up on a tropical island’ bomb to strangers, their first reaction is always: what are you doing here ?! I guess sometimes I wonder too, why I left such a wonderful place to embrace the rain, busy morning commutes and angry Londoners. But the truth is, most of my friends who grew up in Reunion Island  also happen to now live in Europe, purely because of  the job/ career situation. It’s just the way it is, a lot of young people have to move away for work and then they come back, later in life.

In the meantime, I come back twice a year to visit my parents and make amazing memories, and for the rest of the year, I surround myself with happy summery things, to bring some sunshine to my life. 



So here I am at the beginning of autumn, struggling to put my summer wardrobe away. Take this dress for example. I couldn’t help myself when I spotted it, in all its tropical glory. The frilled sleeves, the colour and the food baby friendly shape, it really does tick all the boxes. And while the summer might be over and I have to accept it is time to get my coats out, I will gladly wear this number with tights and boots and make it autumn friendly if I must.

Pair it with a lemon bag to make a statement. 

Because I am tropical and proud.




Outfit details:

Mango dress ( summer sale).

Lemon bag: New look last year. Similar ones here: Asos Lemon Bag

Earrings: H&M Buy here: H&M Earrings

Sandals: New Look Buy here: New Look Sandals

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