Into the blue


Some days us girls wake up and we just feel “Meh”.

We look at our wardrobe,  try on five different things, throw half of our clothes on the floor but somehow nothing feels quite right. Maybe it’s our hormones, maybe it’s the new moon… maybe it’s just bad karma from cursing the rude man in the train from the previous day.

Whatever it is, we’ve been hit by the fashion curse and no amount of coffee & french swear words are going to help. Oh how I envy men sometimes who seem happy to throw on a white tee-shirt and a pair of jeans and be out of the door.

A regular morning getting ready for work for me includes a good 10 minutes of not moving in front of my wardrobe, wondering if it is socially acceptable to wear a bathrobe outside. And that’s on a good day. On a ‘Meh Day’ , give me at least 20 minutes to pick something, 10 of which will be spent going back and forth from my bedroom to the living room still dripping from my shower, crying I have nothing to wear in front of my perplexed flat-mate.

So after my last episode of ‘I feel as inspired as a boiled broccoli’ , I decided to give the Meh Day the middle finger.





In order to avoid the style crisis at 7 in the morning, I came up with back up outfits.

Just like back up dancers there to catch a diva if she falls off the stage (unless you’re Madonna- sorry Madge), back up outfits are there to save you when you’ve had enough of sitting on your bed in your underwear long enough to get grey hair, wondering if “I feel like a potato” is a good enough excuse to not come to work (spoiler alert, it’s not).




Before you go off and make your back up outfit too, you need to make sure of three things. 1. Is it comfortable? 2. Do you feel like your normal self in it? 3. Is it fuss free ? 

This Zara dress ticks all the boxes for me. The oversized shape means I can eat as much as I want and not live to regret it. The print is colourful enough that I still feel like me in it, and it matches my beloved blue sunglasses which I love to put on to brighten up any grey day. I can wear it with trainers or sandals. With tights or bare-legged. Just one piece and I’m out of the door. Early mornings have never been that easy. 



That’s the beauty of the back up outfit. There for you when you need it, because life is too short for “Meh Days”.







Outfit details:

Zara Dress (summer sale). Similar one here: Mango Blue Dress

Jewelry: Maje Aries necklace. Buy here: Maje Aries Sign Gold necklace

Clutch: New Look (Old). Similar one here:Whistles Mermaid Clutch


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