Girl Boss ?

Hello my name is Marine and I am a secret procrastinator.

There I said it.  By secret I mean people who are not in my close circle would not necessarily notice this about me. In my work life I meet deadlines without a problem, but when it comes to my personal life, sometimes (okay most of the times) I give myself a good excuse and think it can wait until tomorrow (or maybe the day after?).

Rolling my sleeves before I tackle my ever growing to do list.

Life admin for me is a synonym of boredom. Ironing my clothes? I’ll wake up on the day, panic as to what to wear and usually will try and remove the creases of my outfit, brushing my teeth at the same time which inevitably means I’ll walk around with toothpaste stains on for the rest of the day. Remembering birthdays? I actually put reminders on my phone up to two weeks before to make sure I don’t forget to send my friends or family a card. And don’t get me started on remembering to book medical appointments. I start lists I never tick off, I have epiphanies in the shower that I always forget about as soon as I turn off the water and my inbox on average is filled with 100 unread emails.

So what do you do when you feel like you need to inject some #girlboss attitude into your life?

You dress like one.

Pair a simple tank top with some silk trousers for comfort

I have an ever-growing love for blazers. I buy some most seasons and every time I feel like I need some good dose of motivation, I put one on. They are just so versatile and I love the masculine vibe they give to any outfit. Also…. pockets?!! Do I need to say more?

If I was to pick one blazer to buy as your first one, I would say forget about the black number that may make you feel like the headmistress of a primary school and go for the white version instead. Yes it might be dangerous if like me you enjoy wearing red lipstick and eating too many raspberries. But the style credentials a white blazer will give you outweigh the risks of a couple of stains.

I really enjoyed wearing mine with these silver silky pants that I picked up at the end of the Zara summer sale. I know it looks like I could have borrowed them from the Genie in Aladdin, but hey he was a boss too in his own rights so I’m okay with that.





Blazer + a take on the smart trouser= the perfect outfit to kick some ass!






Outfit details:

White blazer: Link to shop H&M White Blazer

Pants: Zara (sale).

Silver Brogues: Office (old collection). Similar ones here: Asos Silver Brogues


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